what it is

chapter 6: november 2014/facing race, dreaming change

chapter 7: amsterdam 2014

about this project:

i’ve been a lover of science and speculative fiction for as long as i can remember. in the past few years i have been growing more and more interested in how these genres can be used to strengthen the radical imagination muscle we need to move our society beyond fear-based survival.

captivated in part by it’s post-apocalyptic vibe, i moved to detroit in 2009. this is a city full of visions and hardship, struggle and brilliance, and it is here that i have become curious about how the future emerges from such juxtaposition.

i have come into my writer self here, in large part spurred by the need to process and understand emotional nuance in this city of extremes. simultaneously i have played an ongoing role in facilitating social justice organizations here in visioning, mediation, strategic planning and organizational development. i have been wanting to find my authentic offer to detroit, my particular seeds for the soil, my solutions to the trauma and scarcity.

last year, i got resourced with the kresge literary arts fellowship and the knights arts challenge to experiment with sci-fi and social justice as a healing work.

i hosted four detroit sci fi generator writing salons as one of my projects, with the intention of creating with, and cultivating creation in, others. each of these salons was a small act of generation, of vision in the face of constant change, of shaping the future.

at each salon we identified detroit issues that need speculative fiction visioning, and worked together to build a world in which to explore the issues. i am calling this process collaborative ideation – creating a future that isn’t seeded from one mind, but woven together from lots of minds and hearts and bodies.

then folks wrote individually and shared their writing with each other. the work on this site was written in those sessions. it has already been affirmed by the community of visionaries who were present that night.

more salons will come, and i will post updates on this site and all over social media (facebook.com/adriennemaree, twitter.com/adriennemaree, www.octaviasbrood.com, the octavia butler and emergent strategy page on facebook), and that work will be added to this initial selection.


adrienne maree brown

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